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Aqua Spa for sport, fitness & wellbeing

For those who enjoy a sporting or fitness-focussed lifestyle, our fantastic range of swim spas give you a home exercise and training experience like no other. Not just for Olympians, triathletes and other professional sports people; swimming, jogging, resistance training, deep tissue hydrotherapy massage and rehabilitation could all be available at your own back door too. 

Better still, exercising in water is as effective as exercising in a gym – but while minimising the impact on your joints and without the stress that gravity places on your body. Making movement safer and easier, a home swim spa is your travel-free passport to pain relief and/or injury rehabilitation.


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Dating back to the ancient civilizations of Greece, Rome, China and Egypt, the benefits of hydrotherapy are well-established. Used to relieve joint, muscle and labour pains, being immersed in warm water promotes good circulation, general fitness and mental wellbeing, and is now a  commonly-used medically approved treatment.  

If you take your sporting and fitness just as seriously as your relaxing and socialising then dual temperature swim spa might be for you. Combining an exceptional swimming zone with a separate hot tub area complete with its own heater allows you to keep your workout area cool and your hot tub area warmed up and ready to relieve muscular tension. Don’t forget the jet strengths and formation can be adjusted to target different muscle groups, so your body will receive the support exactly where it is needed.  


A proud official partner of industry leaders  


Produced by the very best in the business, Master Spas do a lot of research and product development in collaboration with some of the finest athletes in the world. This means that your spa will have been road-tested by those who know, absolutely, what is needed for a perfect workout or training programme. 

A superb, feature rich and cost effective alternative to a dug-out pool, we’re sure we can find you the ideal spa-ing partner!  All our swim spas are available on finance deals and once installed, we will ensure that you have the knowledge to care for and to maintain your spa.



Warm water based exercise aids relaxation, soothes anxiety and promotes positive mental health. It is also a trusted therapeutic means of:

  • Improving cardiovascular fitness

  • Reducing swelling and stiffness associated with conditions like arthritis 

  • Improving circulation 

  • Rebuilding and improving muscle strength 

  • Mobilising joints

  • Ensuring better sleep quality

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